Does Your Business Need a Website?

Yes it does.

Every business can benefit from a website and should have one. Yes, I am a web designer so naturally one could assume I would say that. If people didn’t need websites, I would be out of business. I am also a consumer and I have felt the frustration of looking for a website and finding nothing. I recently was searching online for a local pizza place I heard good things about only to find they had no website, no Facebook page, and no way to view their menu online. What did I do? I went to their competitor who I had also heard good things about because they had a website. I was able to see pictures of their establishment and view their menu online. I had a choice between two pizzerias and because one had an informative website, they got my business.

The point is, a website is a good investment that will help your business. I have personally seen many businesses grow considerably as a direct result of a well-designed website. Here at Grizzly Ocean we have packages to help you get started on a limited budget. As a business owner myself, I know startup costs can be high and budgets can be limited. I enjoy building relationships with other business owners and seeing their businesses grow, which is why I work with them to find a solution that works for them.

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