Fix Grainy Images on Facebook

Ever wonder why your Facebook profile or cover images look grainy? Do you notice distortion around text in your images? It’s because Facebook further compresses JPG files and it makes your images look nasty. The easy solution is to upload PNG format for your images and they will look much better. In the image above, […]

Does Your Business Need a Website?

Yes it does. Every business can benefit from a website and should have one. Yes, I am a web designer so naturally one could assume I would say that. If people didn’t need websites, I would be out of business. I am also a consumer and I have felt the frustration of looking for a […]

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Technology has been rapidly developing and while that has made information much more readily available, it has given those of us that deliver information, a few more things to consider. This article is intended for those people who own businesses and want their website to reach as many potential customers as possible. Based on our […]

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