Giving Back

We at Grizzly Ocean believe in giving back to the community and helping people. That’s why we have started a new program to assist non-profit organizations, clubs, and various institutions with their marketing and branding. We’ve worked with non-profits in the past and can understand how often marketing and website design does not fit into the budget. The money would be better spent helping people, so we would like to make sure that’s where it stays; helping people.

Each year, we will award one marketing package to an organization that is close to our hearts. The package may include a custom website, one free year of hosting, and branding. It depends on the exact needs of the organization, and the areas they need strengthened. We may also do additional pro bono work as our availability allows.

If you have questions about technology and branding, we would be happy to consult with you and answer your questions. We hate to see people ripped off or taken advantage of due to lack of knowledge. That’s why we will help you make the right decisions, whether you hire us or not.

If you would like to be considered, please fill out the following application.

  • Your Contact Information

  • Organization Information

  • Project Needs

  • e.g. website design, social media marketing, branding, etc.