Restaurant & Bar Marketing

We will be adding more to this section as we go. For right now, we though we would share some important points to consider when creating your website.

  • Make sure your site works on mobile phones and tablets. Avoid Flash or provide an alternative for users without Flash.
  • Is your menu available online or do you force people to download a file? We recommend keep an HTML version of your menu available and up-to-date with an added option to download a PDF version of the menu. If you’re not sure what to use, let us know and we can help set up your menu with an easy to manage system.
  • Do you list your happy hour specials and promotions clearly on the homepage of your website? If you’re looking for additional ways to market your happy hour in Saratoga Springs, we offer advertising on, the number one happy hour directory for Saratoga.
  • Make sure to put your hours and contact information in an easy to find place. Usually we recommend placing your contact information and address in the footer along with having a dedicated contact page.