Website Design

A custom website design will strengthen your brand image.

Cheap DIY websites just don’t cut it in the real business world. We build custom websites, optimized for performance while providing a great user experience. Our sites have been described as “easy to navigate” even by those who aren’t computer savvy. Each project is designed to utilize the most advanced technologies for newer browsers while maintaining critical functionality and accessibility for older browsers. We’re able to create a fully custom design with custom programming to fit your exact business needs.

Responsive Website Design

All of our recently designed sites utilize responsive design techniques. This means that the site responds to various device and screen sizes, and scales appropriately. This design approach allows each website to work well on a variety of device sizes including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. On many of the sites we manage, over 60% of total traffic comes from users on phones and tablets. That’s a huge percentage, so the website needs to accommodate those visitors.

What we Offer

We take care of website upgrades, security updates, website redesigns, and new website builds from scratch. If you need a completely new website, we’ve got you covered. If you already have a website that just needs some freshening up, we can give it the new look it needs.